Get Lyft Estimate for your ride. Simply enter your pickup and drop locations for the Lyft ride and our app will show you the estimated fare along with the nearest cab availablity and cheapest ride options.

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Lyft Estimate is an extremely useful app that accurately estimates and calculates the cost of your Lyft ride. Do you constantly use rideshare services and curious to know the cheapest and fastest Lyft ride for you - Well, this app will be your perfect rideshare companion. Depending on the location you are heading, the prices of Lyft often vary quite a bit, especially when the surge pricing is in effect. Hence this Lyft fare estimator is a simple online app that lets you instantly calculate and compare prices prior your ride.

Lyft Estimate

Details about the app

This app is having a rich, intuitive, and polished user interface which lets you use it easily without any glitch or hassle. Not only this app calculates the accurate fare estimate, but also it will inform you about the Prime Time Pricing (i.e. Surge Pricing) and all types of available Lyft services(Lyft, Lyft Line, and Lyft Plus) in your locality. Moreover, this app is absolutely free, hence you won't ever be bothered about the in-app purchase or any other restrictions. Just you need the internet connectivity to use this app and calculate your lyft estimate at anytime and anywhere, round the clock.

How does it work?

The idea is pretty simple, easy, and much convenient. Unlike other apps, this latest Lyft tariff calculator allows you to calculate the best fare even without logging into your Lyft account. Just you need to open the app, enter your pick-up location, and final destination - and that's all. Instantly, the app will display the cab prices, along with the live updates of surge pricing (if enacted), nearest available cab, and the cheapest ride options.

Unquestionably the Lyft estimator exhibits a modern web development technology that guarantees a high degree of accuracy and precision while calculating the final estimate. The fare estimate is always calculated based on the distance (i.e total kilometers) that you are covering to reach your final destination and then it will display the actual fare of your trip according to the covered distance.This intelligent app is capable of considering all the external factors and calculate the exact cost without a single error. Lyft Estimator is easily accessible online, and it is compatible with all kinds of latest portable gadgets including smartphones, iPhones, tablets, desktops, and PCs.

Few spectacular Features of this app :

1. Easily accessible online.

2. Accurate fare estimation with utmost precision.

3. An absolutely free app.

4. Shows surge pricing if enacted.

5. Calculates the actual distance between pickup & drop-off location.

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